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1. Reduce medical risks and ensure the safety of doctors and patients
★ The most advanced elastic puncture is used to place the spinal epidural tube.
★ The possibility of damaging blood vessels, nerves, and even piercing the dura mater is largely avoided.
★ It is an anesthesia catheter that is relatively effective in reducing the risk of epidural anesthesia catheterization.
It reduces the risk of intubation, guarantees the safety of patients during surgery, and enables clinicians to better avoid occupational risks, reduce medical accidents, and avoid medical disputes.
2. Simplify clinical operations and relieve pressure on doctors
Intelligent puncture tube placement, easy connection of catheter joints and not easy to fall off, the whole operation process has no hand feeling and no skills, helping doctors
Freed from the arduous operation techniques, the tube can be placed more easily and quickly.
3. There are prices for medical insurance, and the bid is good and the amount is large
It has a national price and charge code, medical insurance can be reimbursed, a wide range of bid-winning regions across the country, the price is competitive, and the amount of clinical use
4. Three national patents
Patented technology, superb craftsmanship, imported materials, European and American standards, and sold well in European and American markets for many years.
5. Professionalism comes from details, service reflects responsibility
★ Three X developing lines are delicately wrapped in the tube wall to improve the developing quality of the X-ray tube and avoid unknown or potential risks caused by exposure of developing materials.
★ The breaking resistance of the catheter is more than 10 times higher than the national standard.
★ Personalized product design and adjustment can be made for clinical users.
★ Professional marketing team.
★ All-weather after-sales service.
6. Indications
All epidural anesthesia catheterization
Especially suitable for:
1. Pregnant women undergoing cesarean section or painless delivery, and those who are susceptible to angina
2. The elderly or children, with fragile blood vessels.
3. The coagulation function is impaired and easy to bleed.
4. For non-first epidural anesthesia, there may be scars or hyperplasia in the epidural space.
5. Patients with congenital spinal stenosis and difficulty in tube placement.
6. Those who need to indwell an anesthesia catheter for a long time, such as cancer pain or postoperative analgesia.
7. Special requirements: such as timing of delivery, VIP patients, etc., who need to ensure the success of one-time catheterization and meet the follow-up treatment.
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