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Company Profile

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Linyi Xinghua Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-value medical equipment consumables such as medical interventional catheters. Relying on a mature scientific research team and after years of development, it has broken through and mastered a number of key technologies to prevent interventional injury anesthesia Catheters, spiral steel wire reinforced nerve block catheters and other microcatheters have core products, which are advanced scientific and technological enterprises in sub-sectors. The company has obtained more than 30 national patents, 8 software copyrights, and 5 invention patents.
Founded in 2004, the company has marketing center in Guangzhou. Represented by the third-generation epidural anesthesia catheter, it has strong technological leadership and scientific research advantages in the field of interventional injury prevention and spiral steel wire reinforcement. Exports to the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries.  In the next stage, the company will be based in the field of medical interventional catheters and microcatheters, and continue to explore the application of the company's core technology in new fields and new indications of anti-interventional injury materials, so as to create the industry's three outstanding technical representatives and technological innovations. enterprise. At the same time, it strengthens close cooperation with scientific research institutes at home and abroad. The company continues to explore domestic blank areas with clinical needs. Relying on its core technology reserves and scientific research capabilities, it realizes the domestic substitution of key medical devices in order to promote the rapid development of the company while improving People's living standards and medical quality, and seek common development opportunities with the country.


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