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GD(Steel wire reinforced)+J

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★ Elastic puncture does not puncture the dura mater. Does not damage blood vessels and nerves
★ Non-blocking lumen
★ Anti-fracture
★ Soft, eliminate the "paraesthesia" after the patient is placed in the tube
★ Conduit joints are easy to install and not easy to fall off
★ The material is safe and reliable, with high biocompatibility and affinity
★ Especially suitable for long-term indwelling the human body
★ Develop under X-ray to help doctors locate
★ Transparent window, easy to observe blood return etc.
【Exclusive domestic production, quality comparable to foreign brands, even beyond】
1. Memory steel characteristics. When hanging, the entire tube body is straight and vertical to the ground, like a pendent ink line, and has a "memory" to this straight shape. No matter how it is bent, it will do its best to restore the "straight" state. In clinical use, it is not easy to curl up. tie. At the same time, it can reduce drug passage resistance, and prevent the catheter from twisting on the patient, affecting comfort, and not easily entangled with the patient's clothing, hair, etc., and can ensure the effective length of the catheter, which is convenient for the administration of various positions and the operation of the patient.
2. The tube body can be more flexible. When the inner diameter of the lumen remains the same, the outer diameter can be precisely adjusted according to customer needs, and it can even be much smaller than other brands. It is suitable for different groups of people, so that patients have "no tube feeling" and create good medical service quality.
3. Tailor-made. Four types of catheters, multiple window positions can be selected. Can be tailored to clinical requirements
4. Convenient, professional and thoughtful service. The professional sales team will serve you wholeheartedly; the manufacturer is close at hand and can be improved in a short time.
A small conduit brings together university questions, countless great wisdom, and a Chinese heart.
Applies to:
1. All epidural anesthesia catheterization.
2. Pregnant women undergoing cesarean section or painless delivery, and those who are susceptible to angina.
3. The elderly or children, with fragile blood vessels.
4. The coagulation function is impaired and easy to bleed.
5. For non-first epidural anesthesia, there may be scars and hyperplasia in the epidural space.
6. Congenital spinal stenosis and difficulty in catheterization.
7. People who need to indwell anesthesia catheter for a long time, such as cancer pain or postoperative analgesia.
8. Special requirements: For reasons such as timing of delivery, VIP patients, or disease position, it is necessary to ensure the success of one-time catheterization and to meet subsequent treatments.
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